Thank you for your dedication and commitment to providing such a remarkable learning experience. I am confident that the course will continue to inspire and empower future participants for years to come.

Isa Montalvão

Lead Solution Engineer

(Past Learner)

Refer Your Colleagues To Management of Technology: Strategy & Portfolio Analysis

Amplify your impact and save US$290

How to refer

Share personal referral code via email or personal link below

Your colleague signs up for a MIT Professional Education program using your code

Start learning together. Receive US$290 off program fees for each colleague that signs up with your code


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why refer?

    Taking a program along with peers enables you to share insights and amplify your impact.

    When you refer someone, both you and your peer receive a referral benefit. You can refer as many people as you like. You will receive a benefit of US$290 for every peer who joins and stays in the program.

  • Who can refer?

    Anyone can refer someone to the program. However, the referral code is exclusively for use by your peers and cannot be applied to your own enrollment.

    What if I am not sure that I want to take the program yet?

    Many participants refer their peers to a program before they have had the opportunity to take it. If you refer your peers and have not signed up for the program yet, you will receive a credit that you can redeem against this program in the future

    Can I refer others if I've already completed the program?

    Yes, you can refer peers even after completing the program. If you refer someone after completing your program, you will receive a credit that you can redeem against a future MIT Professional Education program

  • How to refer?

    • Select the program to which you want to refer
    • Share the generated link with your peer directly or send an email
    • Once they join and stay in the program, you will receive the referral benefit

    How will I receive my benefit?

    • If you have not yet signed up for a program, once your colleague joins and stays in the program, you will receive a credit that you can apply towards the program fee
    • If you are currently enrolled in a program, a credit will be refunded to you
    • If you have completed the program, you will receive a credit that will be applicable towards a future program