Machine Learning:

From Data to Decisions
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Propel your organization into the future with intelligent predictive analyses, methods, and toolkits.

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Automate decision-making processes within your organization to mitigate risks and yield optimal results.

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Discover holistic data comprehension to extrapolate relevant conclusions and drive organizational strategy.

 What will you learn?

What will you learn?

  • Master the four stages of execution of machine learning plans: data analysis, predictive models, decision-making, and causal inference.

  • Grasp the key elements of data sets and become familiar with effective statistical tools for identifying and classifying them.

  • Apply linear regression to historical data to build predictive models of future performance and behaviors.

  • Introduce neural networks into the machine learning process to establish complex connections and models between data sets.

  • Utilize machine learning plans to become a critical contributor to complex organizational decision-making.

  • Analyze experiments with the aid of machine learning to draw relevant conclusions and adjust strategies accordingly.

All the participants who successfully complete their program will receive an MIT Professional Education Certificate of Completion, as well as Continuing Education Units (CEUs)*.

To obtain CEUs, complete the accreditation confirmation, which is available at the end of the course. CEUs are calculated for each course based on the number of learning hours.

*The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is defined as 10 contact hours of ongoing learning to indicate the amount of time they have devoted to a non-credit/non-degree professional development program.

To understand whether or not these CEUs may be applied toward professional certification, licensing requirements, or other required training or continuing education hours, please consult your training department or licensing authority directly.

Course Outline

Machine learning is a tool being used by business managers from all sectors to make data-based decisions. During this online program, participants will learn the four-step process of machine learning, from analyzing data to evaluating the effectiveness of decisions made based on that data. Upon completion, participants will be able to leverage machine learning to improve and modernize their organization.

Who is this online course for?

  • Technical professionals with responsibility who want to take advantage of machine learning to improve decision-making processes.

  • CEOs, managers, and other nontechnical executives from all sectors who manage teams with responsibilities at the technical level.

  • Technical professionals seeking to acquire the necessary knowledge base for machine learning.


MPE - Faculty - Devavrat Shah
Prof. Devavrat Shah

Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT

Course overview

    I firmly believe that applying a Machine Learning strategy in organizations is something very necessary in the present, as it allows us to make decisions in an optimized way, and therefore reduces possible strategy errors. Technology and data access give us an opportunity to be able to do this, so we should take maximum advantage of it. This program has assisted me in discovering Machine Learning, understanding data, exploring decision making, and evaluating its effectiveness, knowledge which I will apply in my professional development.
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