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Become part of the MIT community, the leading institution in the world for innovation.

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Examine the optimal methodology for finding efficient solutions to the complex problems.

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Discover the tools, knowledge, and skills on offer to explore, design, test, and prioritize solutions.

 What will you learn?

What will you learn?

  • Confronting problems

  •  Decisions for product management

  •  Facilitation & leadership of teams

  •  Prioritization and articulation of solutions

All the participants who successfully complete their program will receive an MIT Professional Education Certificate of Completion, as well as Continuing Education Units (CEUs)*.

To obtain CEUs, complete the accreditation confirmation, which is available at the end of the course. CEUs are calculated for each course based on the number of learning hours.

*The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is defined as 10 contact hours of ongoing learning to indicate the amount of time they have devoted to a non-credit/non-degree professional development program.

To understand whether or not these CEUs may be applied toward professional certification, licensing requirements, or other required training or continuing education hours, please consult your training department or licensing authority directly.

Course Outline

How do groundbreaking companies and entrepreneurs successfully build forward-thinking solutions to their problems? Mastering this art of problem-solving comes down to incorporating a design thinking framework that adapts to your personal innovation project.


MPE - Faculty - Svafa Gronfeldt
Prof. Svafa Gronfeldt

Founding member of MIT's innovation accelerator DesignX

MPE - Faculty - Gilad Rosenzweig
Gilad Rosenzweig

Executive Director of DesignX, MIT SA+P

Course overview

    I have used MITdesignX to create a holistic four-changes program to reduce attrition in my company with excellent results. This method helped me get off to the best possible start in solving my problem because I have figured out how to do proper problem framing, and it has taught me how to structure and communicate my solution. I have maximized the probability of the project's success. If you are passionate about businesses, creating fascinating products, or are a trouble-shooter at work, the MITdesignX course will be invaluable to your career. It is a captivating course with the promise that you will be able to apply what you have lear-ned as soon as you return to the office. Prepare for the future. Make an impact in the world.
    Manuel Lazzeri
    Product Manager, Cybersecurity Awareness & Technical Training,

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